Data and
for cultural

Artsmetric is a digital platform for European cultural and creative spaces to compare data, share practices and learn from each other.

Benchmarking areas

  • Get an overview of the organisation and track their performance.
  • Compare their results with other European organisations, clustered by region, size, activities, etc.
  • Share good practices and learn from each other.


Everything starts with why. Your vision, mission and values determine what you do and how you do it.


From buildings to staff. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to do what you do.


Often, cultural organisations develop complex revenue models, including earned and contributed incomes, donations, in-kind contributions, etc.


Film, music, theatre, crafts, literature, etc. Cultural and creative spaces present a myriad of artforms.


Reaching and involving audiences is the primary purpose of cultural organisations, as well as a critical aspect for their survival.


The arts create value for individuals and communities alike. They impact the economy, urban development, public investments, employment, tourism, etc.


Improvement opportunities

Discover new opportunities to improve your strategies, processes and performance.

Smarter decision-making

Make well-informed decisions based on data and facts from both your organisation and other organisations.

Evidence-based advocacy

Advocate for your organisation and the whole sector with facts and numbers.

Long-term sustainability

Increase your organisation’s long-term sustainability by adopting continuous learning and improvement habits.

Peer learning

Share your challenges and expertise with the community so everyone can benefit from our collective intelligence.

Find New Partners

Search for European cultural organisations that are similar to yours. So you can exchange experiences, start projects and fundraise together.

How it works

You share
  • You create your organisation’s profile.
  • You invite your team to join and compile data.
  • You enter your data (for as many areas as you would like to).
We process
  • We keep your data safe and confidential.
  • We transform your raw data into key performance indicators.
  • We compare your organisation with others.
You get
  • Your organisation's dashboard, including indexes and key performance indicators.
  • An overview of the sector at country, regional and European levels.
  • Access to a database of similar organisations in Europe.
  • Recommended readings regarding your areas of improvement and selection of good practices.